The classes in Archlord are divided among the races that inhabit Chantra, Classes are gender and race specific


Humans are capable of choosing from the following three classes

  • Knight- Male warrior class that wears heavy armor, can use multiple weapons such as two handed swords and halberds and various one handed weapons with a shield equipped.
  • Mage- Female Offensive spell caster with low armor and high damage, attacks with magical weapons drain mana.
  • Archer- Male ranged class using the bow or crossbow, more survivability than the mage but quite weak when in melee range.
Moon Elves:

The reclusive female warriors of the Moon Elves have the following three choices, all are female.

  • Swashbuckler-melee unit for the Moon Elves, uses rapiers and daggers, or a single handed sword, effective for its high dodge rating and speed.
  • Ranger- Ranged class similar to the archer but uses either the bow or the Kataria, slightly more resilient than the archer though nowhere as much as the knight or the berserkers
  • Elementalist- spell caster for the Moon Elves, uses either the same weapons as the mage or the Chakram however most similarities end there, offensive spells are less powerful however the Elementalist is capable of summoning a pet elemental.

The large and brutish orcs have three options available to choose from

  • Berserkers- Male melee class which is more offensive based melee warrior when compared to the knight however is still very durable.
  • Sorcerer- Male Orcish spell caster class focusing on curses.
  • Hunter- Female ranged class more aptly named huntress, wields the spear as her primary weapon and is quite good at it too

The Dragonscions offer only 1 flexible class, Scion, but have 3 subclass's

  • Slayer destructive body power; uses huge claws as a weapon. This class is the most muscular among the DragonScion after evolution.
  • Orbiter gives life to friendly but death to the enemy. Orbiters lost their wings in exchange for control over life.
  • Summoner is versed in wisdom and spells; summons various types of powerful dragons. Summoners are smaller and also have fewer rough scales than the other DragonScion classes.

These are incomplete and I will attempt to add more on individual class pages at a later date, Information will include available weapons, abilities, and more.