Dragonscion archlord wiki

Dragonscion's are the fourth and newest race in archlord, they are different toother races as they only have one class, scion, which can later be split into 3 subclasses, slayers, orbiters and summoners.

DragonScion was the last of the 4 races to arrive at the continent of Chantra. They were created from the skin and bone of the great dragon ‘Mightthesis’ 2.000 years ago, after their creation they roamed the world for 1000 years, searching for a place to settle down, finally reaching the continent of Chantra.

The remaining moved to the south, but there the orcs who had originally seemed so amenable to them, turned against them and slaughtered them one by one. This is why DragonScions still have such animosity towards Orcs.

After a while DragonScion moved to live alongside the human race and taught them their advanced knowledge. But they soon realized it was difficult to integrate with other races while resembling a dragon, so they soon used their superior abilities to change their appearance to a more human one.