Outline Edit

The Human race first appeared in Chantra 1000 years after the Orcs had settled. Following the dramatic sinking of their land, key pioneers in Human society initially established a foothold in the Western part of the continent known as Chantra. History suggests they were able to do so due to their ability of handling fire. In the early stages, Humans lived in relative peace, however, they soon began to realise that Orcs had landed on the Eastern part of the continent and before long tensions were raised as the Humans became protective over their territory.

Humans have a relatively short lifespan, with 80 years considered to be long. Humans also have an inferior breeding capacity when compared to Orcs, with the average number of offspring being 3.

Appearance Edit

With an average height of 175cm, the Human race is by no means the tallest the Chantra. However, the Humans are a race whose immediate surroundings impact on their physical features, for example, skin tone, hair & eye colour vary greatly dependant on factors such as their role in society, weather and diet.

Humans are fully aware of their frailties, and so put a lot of emphasis on their armour and housing. This has resulted in some of the most spectacular armour sets ever seen in Chantra as well as substantial housing developments, in which they have clustered together for protection.

Personality Edit

Humans are a complex race, which share many similar traits, however each Human relies on their individual presence of mind. Very stubborn and often envious off those with superior power and strength, they also have limited patience. Humans enjoy war but are also known for their incredible generosity and kindness. Their love of drinking, singing and dancing guarantees regular festivals wherever they reside.

Ability Edit

Human’s familiarity with fire led them to make use of iron. Human weapon smiths are sought throughout the land for their superior skill. Yet these are not the only skills that the Human race has acquired. They were also quick to develop other creative skills including tailoring, armor making and economics.

Utilising these skills has allowed the Human race to carve themselves a niche role in Chantra’s larger society. This has helped ensure their survival and development over the years.

Society Edit

Humanity places strong emphasis on status, protocol and structure. Over time they evolved from a society in which the strongest held the highest social position to a Monarchy based society. This can be further elaborated on.

Human’s Social Structure Edit

The social structures found throughout the lands in which humans have settled share many traits. Stronger Humans and those with influence are normally held in a position of dominance. In order to keep relative peace within their culture when Humans age and die their descendants inherit their position, regardless of their abilities.

To outsiders, the Human society appears equal with warriors, mages, merchants and peasants all being treated the same. However, this isn’t always the case, as wealth, honour and age go a long way to determining how someone is treated. Consequently human society tends to divide its self into classes, with Nobles (those that hold the most wealth and power) to Labourers (those that carry out most of the manual work and are considered the lowest class in Human society).

Human’s education Edit

Unlike other races in Chantra, the Humans have established a structured education system. They use education to determine social position with only the most financially privileged receiving a complete education.

However those that choose to pursue the warrior arts, whether Mage, Knight or Hunter, all receive extensive education in their chosen positions. The education structure for these warriors relies on those that live long enough, taking the time to pass on their knowledge to those beneath them.

Faith Edit

Over the years, the Human civilization has become quite spiritual. Having spent periods in relative instability, the Humans looked to the gods for explanations and comfort. From this grew their hope and spirituality.

However as they have grown as a society some have forgotten their routes and become corrupted, straying from the spiritual past of their ancestors. Now, Humans only turn to the spirits in moments of weakness and for their own selfish ends. Whilst some remain strong in their spiritual beliefs others do not, the question of faith is one that all must face before they enter the battlefield.

Housing Edit

Housing is another area in which humanity have excelled, not least due to their frailty and weakness to deal with the elements. They enjoy building new structures and pride themselves on creating structures that are suitable for the environment they are occupying.

During construction, functionality comes above aesthetics, protection from the elements and warmth are the all-important functions that any new structure must adhere to. However, this said, houses are not only used for protection, they are also used to establish status i.e. the larger their house the more important they are. This is also true of materials used, as only the very rich are able to afford enough stone to build a substantial structure.

Punishment Edit

There are various punishments available to authorities for those that break the law, the most severe of which is the death penalty, but most are expelled rather than killed.

Combat Edit

Humans are fully aware of their own frailties and look to avoid combat where possible, opting instead to manipulate the situation with cunning and use and buy their way to power in other areas. This said, they are known for attacking when they feel they are in a position of strength, often as a result of out numbering their opponents.

When they feel they are in a position of weakness they will often shy away from battle choosing instead to regroup and wait for further opportunities.

Magic Edit

Due to their lack of physical strength many choose to devout their time and energies to advancing their magical knowledge. As a result, over the years they have come to acquire a great understating that rivals even the Moon Elves in some areas.

Current Influence / Power Edit

Humans have as much power as anyone else who resides in Chantra, despite their perceived frailty. They will always strive for the best, not only for themselves, but also for those who are in their care.

Classes Edit

Humans can be Archers, Knights, and Mages.

Starting LocationEdit

Humans start in Anchorville, and begin questing there.

Human Armor Types Edit

Knight Archer Mage